Fast Find 210 GPS Personal Locator Beacon


Get found fast with a PLB as small as a mobile telephone—no subscription fees required. Transmits a unique emergency message identifier to pinpoint your location to within ten feet anywhere in the world in as little as five minutes.

  • Weighs just 5.3oz.—as small as an average mobile phone
  • No subscription fees required
  • Built-in GPS
  • Unique flashing SOS feature
  • Built-in operational indicator lights
  • Global alert to Cospas-Sarsat satellites
  • 406MHz transmitter
  • Frequency: 406.037MHz
  • 121.5MHz homing frequency
  • Positional accuracy to within 100 feet
  • 24-hour transmit time
  • Waterproof to 32 feet/10m
  • Complete with lanyard
  • 5-year battery life
  • Auxiliary flotation pouch available soon (Fast Find will not float on its own)
  • User Manual


  • Fast Find 210: Category 2; will not float
  • Programming: Optical infra-red link
  • Operation: Three-stage manual operation
  • Temperature: Class 2, –20°C to +55°C (–-4°F to +131°F)
  • Battery type and life: 9V Lithium; 5 years storage, then 24 hours operating
  • Sealing: Temporary immersion to 10m (30ft.) for 5 mins. (IP 58, IPX7)
  • Weight: 150g (5.3oz.)
  • Altitude: MIL-STD-810E (10,000 feet)
  • Antenna: Deployable flexible vertical blade

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